Some comments from previous Hajj customers.

"The best thing about the package was that everything promised was delivered. No deception, no disappointment in expectations, no unforeseen hardships. MashaAllah outstanding delivery from the organizers. Jazakalahu khairan."

"A truly ‘once in a lifetime journey’ that Al Hidaayah made very memorable. JazakAllah for everything, may Allah (SWT) give you and your team the best of the world and the hereafter (ameen!!!) "

"Al-Hidaayah looked after the logistic needs to a very high standard but what made the package exceptional was looking after the groups spiritual needs by providing us with advice and helping us to perform our hajj rites correctly. "

"The best thing about the package was the commitment of the organisers. It was clear that this wasn’t just a job for them. They truly provided a service that was not only for the benefit of the hujjaj but for the ultimate reward from Allah (SWT). JazakAllah!"

"Thank you for an amazing experience. It truly was a journey of a lifetime."

"I would truly like to thank all the brothers who made this trip easy for us. It was an amazing experience for us. May Allah bless you (ameen). I am still on a high every time I talk about my journey of a lifetime!"

"My hajj experience was truly amazing. It is undoubtedly the best thing I have experienced in my whole lifetime."

"I, myself, was particularly touched by the personal commitment the organisers made to myself and my parents; especially my father. If I go into details of who helped and on what occasions then this letter will go into many pages! Suffice it to say your team went the extra mile in helping my elderly parents and I will be forever grateful. My duas are with you always."

"The whole experience for me was extraordinary – a ‘life changing’ experience. Because the organisers took care of housing, catering and transport, I felt I was able to dedicate ample time to the main purpose of the trip which was ibadah. Having seen the conditions first hand I can very well appreciate the very hard work that the organisers had to do to accomplish the objectives – congratulations to you."

"Alhamdulillah an absolute journey of a lifetime. First hajj and what a wonderful experience with many good stories to tell! Very well organised."

"Truly an amazing experience. I personally do not feel that my and my family’s hajj would have been as easy and as pleasurable if it were not for the professionalism and organisation of the organisers. Highly recommended."

"I was extremely impressed with the quality of the organisers, the brothers had a deep understanding of Islam. Their knowledge was inspiring. Their iman was reflected by their conduct throughout the trip. Very pleased. Will book again (inshaAllah)."

"Overall I thought this was a ‘journey of a lifetime’ in every sense of the word. The one aspect that I liked about this package was the helpfulness of the organisers. They all seemed to genuinely want to help whether the problem was small or big. Keep up the good work and may Allah reward you all inshaAllah. Jazakallah khair."

"The journey was truly unforgettable and if I travel for hajj again, I will look no further than your website!"

"The most amazing experience of my life. Everything was explained wonderfully well with clear step by step instructions regarding hajj rites and the surrounding period of time. The organisers gave clear instructions and were helpful throughout the trip. In addition to this they responded to requests to the best of their abilities. "

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